Membership Benefits

Membership is open to all companies and organisations, or elements of them, that engineer software. We are the only collective group dedicated to representing the software industry in Northern Ireland

Why Join?

  • To be part of a single voice for the software sector in Northern Ireland.
  • To be part of an active ecosystem of like-minded professional organisations influencing current and future Government policy that can affect your company.
  • To raise the profile of your company, as part of the only collective voice of the sector, including with potential industry entrants and their parents. 
  • To take an active part in developing the solutions to the issues the industry faces. 
  • To help grow the sector and in doing so give back to the wider economy and society of Northern Ireland.
  • To gain a better understanding of other companies in the Northern Ireland software sector with the potential to create new business partnerships.
0-9 Employees
10 - 24 Employees
£500 / 12 months
25 - 99 Employees
£2,000 / 12 months
100 - 499 Employees
£5,000 / 12 months
500+ Employees
£10,000 / 12 months
£1,000 / 12 months